A farm table…

A big thanks to those who were so accommodating of my table being postponed last Saturday due to venue circumstances unforeseen. With a day up my sleeve and a gaggle of  friends in town, Greg and Alison Cromwell, our ever generous farm friends opened their home to us and I got cooking, just for the buzz of it.


As Morley and I got cutting cauliflower, peeling peas and poaching quince, a new calf was being born at Cromwell Farm. What a  great day! There truly is no better or more animated place to cook than this kitchen. At any given  minute, a horse will be poking it’s nose in the kitchen window poking around for apples, incubating chicks are chirping in the corner, things are being herded, others put to bed.


The 3 Cromwell girls are gems. Aubrey, Morley and Bella were my right arm in the kitchen and at the table – from making bread crumbs to adding the curd to the costini, dealing with the magnum of Stonyridge Larose and being, as always, the life of the party at the post dinner soccer and table tennis matches!


A Table for 20 became a cracking dinner party for 10…stay tuned for news of the reschedule. Sarah


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  1. Greg

    Sarah can you please post some of the recipes from Saturday…we want to attempt making that milk lamb dish for my Mum and Thor when they arrive and the girls are keen for more cauliflower–you don’t get that very often. Great photos and write up. See you soon.


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