100 Mile Feasts

Our feasts – shared, family style, platters spread down the centre of your tables.
Canapes to start, entrées, main courses and desserts – if you prefer your feast individually plated,
no problem – we can do that too…

100 Mile Feast – sample menu 1

Your choice of 3 canapes

Asian coleslaw with white poached chicken, nuoc cham dressing

Braised Byron Bay Pork belly in black vinegar
Thai yellow curry of local seafood
Spiced crushed eggplant
Steamed Asian greens
Steamed local rice with jasmine flowers

Coconut rice pudding with caramelised pineapple and banana, palm sugar syrup

100 Mile Feast – sample menu 2

Your choice of 3 canapes

Local breads with Bangalow Cheese Co. cultured butter and Summerland olive oil
Cos and watercress salad, smoked almonds, ‘Salumi’ bresaola

Pork cooked in milk
8 hour lamb (or goat) with caramelised cherry tomatoes
Cavalo nero with pine nut sauce
Crushed olive oil potatoes
Leaf and herb salad

Baked Bangalow Cheese Co. brie with salted crostini and honeycomb
or Rhubarb and lavender pudding with mascarpone cream